Shanekhalsa Productions is a production house based in Punjab. Our mission is to imagine, create and inspire diversity of thought. Our principle purpose is to produce Sikhi films that foster new thoughts and ideas that showcase stories of strength and resilience. We think the world is hungry for Guru’s message and that people are ready to invest time and effort into learning this wisdom. With the advent of media , we can distribute Guru’s message world wide. We feel that our community has done enough work raising money for building funds and that now we need to invest into fundamentals building. Shanekhalsa Productions is a Punjab based international award winning movie production and distribution house diligently working in the fields of Punjabi/Hindi social and religious films and music, striving to change the face of the industry and take it to new heights. The company is committed to the highest quality production of films, music videos, web series and short movies.. The company platform envisions pioneering, innovative productions that aim to entertain both domestic and international audiences.

Our Main Aim Is To Develop Sikh Media.

Founded in Punjab in 2005 by Dr. Rupinder Singh as a line production company, Shane Khalsa Production was expanded to a film production and distribution company in 2005, where Dr. Rupinder Singh as a owner, and produced their first feature film Apna Mool Pachhan which became an all-time blockbuster. After that several more successful films followed like Bole So Nihaal, Meet Chalo Gur Challi,Nagara ,PROUD TO BE SIKH I, PROUD TO BE A SIKH II(PART 2) and Upcoming Flim London Singhs in 2020 to name a few.