Meet our President : Guru Granth sahib ji

The ‘Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji,’ Sikhism’s most holy source, is regarded as the sovereign and eternal living Guru by Sikhs.
Sri Guru Granth Sahib is the complete, inviolable, and ultimate expression of the message for us to serve humanity. Guru Gobind Singh ji addressed the gathering on October 20, 1708, saying, “Those who seek to behold the Guru should obey the Granth Sahib; its contents are the visible body of the Guru.”
At Shanekhalsa Productions, Sri Guru Granth Sahib is our master and president; we always want to be blessed and follow Guru Granth Sahib’s orders.

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Aim to Serve Humanity


Shanekhalsa Team aspires to serve all people equally, without regard for caste, class, creed, race, or gender. Our team adheres to the principles of Shri Guru Granth Sahib and Guru Nanak Patshah, who promoted humanitarian service above all else. So, it is in the context of their values and leadership that Shanekhalsa has been progressing on a large scale since 2005 and will continue to make a difference in the coming years. Shanekhalsa  was founded in 2005 and was formally registered under the Societies Registration Act on April 13, 2006. Shanakhalsa has been selflessly serving humanity ever since.

Our main goal, in addition to social activities, is to build Sikh media. 

It’s normal to notice that social media and digital media have overtaken reading books in various ways. This is especially evident among teenagers, who would rather watch television and movies than read books. 

We began by producing religious and social films and web series in order to enhance Sikh media. To far, we have produced 12 films with the help of the Sangat and the blessings of Guru Granth Sahib.

Our Mission

The Sikh faith is centered on three main tenets: meditation on and worship of the Creator, living a real life, and helping mankind.
On a daily basis, Sikhs are expected to uphold the characteristics of honesty, compassion, charity, humility, integrity, service, and spirituality.
Our main goal is to create Sikh media that will help future generations comprehend the concepts, values, and legacy of Sikh Gurus and Sikh martyrs. Aside from that, we hope to develop media that does not use artificial beards for Sikh characters and to give opportunities for Sikh children to work in films. Our goal is to make at least 100 films, including feature films, telefilms, short films, and web series.

Recent projects

Jaggo Aayi Aa

The film ‘Jaggo Aayi Aa’ centres around the lives of Sikh mother Baaz kaur and her son Fateh singh. It’s the story of a fearful girl whose uncle help her to  transforms into chardikala Singhani ‘Baaz Kaur.’
Nader Shah’s soldiers severely repressed India during this period.
When the  Sikhs rose out against Nader Shah’s persecution, he vowed to destroy them.
Kalgidhar Pita’s daughter, Baaz Kaur, also stood up to Nadar Shah’s harshness and set an example on the battlefield
Our story is inspired by ‘Bibi Harsharan Kaur,’ the last fighter of Chamkaur sahib.

London Singhs

London Singhs is a film about the lives of two Sikh children who live happily and are reared in a rich Sikh culture in the United Kingdom. Because life contains both positive and unpleasant aspects, children are once barred from wearing their Kirpan on school grounds, and their families decide to fight for their right in court.

Mr Khan is contesting the claim. Gurjot Singh and his wife are questioned in court, and their children are questioned on live television networks, but they never give up.
In summary, the film is built on the belief that everyone has the freedom to freely practice their religion.

Upcoming Projects

47 Days of Guru Gobind Singh

An opportunityto explore Sikh history &make our Birthday unforgettable.

Guru Gobind Singh Marg is the historical route taken by
Guru Gobind Singh Ji from
Anandpur Sahib to Talwandi Sabo in year 1705. This memorable and eventful journey of 47 days by Sikh Guru and his troops has got significant place in the history of Panjab. ProminentGurdwaras connected by this highway are Anandpur Sahib, Parivar Vichora, Bhatha Sahib, Chamkaur Sahib, Machhiwara, Alamgir Sahib, Raikot, Dina Kangar, Kotkapura, Muktsar and Talwandi Sabo. Shanekhalsa took the Initiative of Filming the Historical Gurdwaras Constructed on 

Guru Gobind Singh Marg.
You can dedicate a 10-15 Minute episode to your Birthday and that of your Kids.
Your Photograph will also be placed at the start of the Episode to Commemorate the birthday.

“Razaa ”- A Voyage of Love

‘Razaa’ is a film about Saka Panja Sahib’s sacrifice for service. The Saka was held in Hasan Abdal, Punja Sahib, Pakistan. As the Sikh prisoners of the Guru Ka Bagh Morcha were being transported to Attock for a two and a half year sentence, the Saka was about to stop the train and serve Langar to the hungry singhs. In this incident,  Bhai Partap Singh and Bhai Karam Singh were martyred in this incident.