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Jaggo Aayi Aa

The film ‘Jaggo Aayi Aa’ centres around the lives of Sikh mother Baaz kaur and her son Fateh singh. It’s the story of a fearful girl whose uncle help her to  transforms into chardikala Singhani ‘Baaz Kaur.’
Nader Shah’s soldiers severely repressed India during this period.
When the  Sikhs rose out against Nader Shah’s persecution, he vowed to destroy them.
Kalgidhar Pita’s daughter, Baaz Kaur, also stood up to Nadar Shah’s harshness and set an example on the battlefield
Our story is inspired by ‘Bibi Harsharan Kaur,’ the last fighter of Chamkaur sahib.

London Singhs

London Singhs is a film about the lives of two Sikh children who live happily and are reared in a rich Sikh culture in the United Kingdom. Because life contains both positive and unpleasant aspects, children are once barred from wearing their Kirpan on school grounds, and their families decide to fight for their right in court.
Mr Khan is contesting the claim. Gurjot Singh and his wife are questioned in court, and their children are questioned on live television networks, but they never give up.
In summary, the film is built on the belief that everyone has the freedom to freely practice their religion.

London Singhs Trailer

London singhs | Public review

IIFSA (Film Festival)


Proud to be a Sikh 2

The sequel to the film Proud to be a Sikh is titled Proud to be a Sikh 2. Its inspiration comes from actual incidents related to the Panjab desecration of the Guru Granth Sahib. In the movie, Professor Jarnail Singh plays a significant role and instructs the students on how to combat both inner and external evil.



Bhai Manpreet Singh Kanpuri Movie Review | Proud To Be a Sikh 2


Full movie Proud to be a Sikh 2


“Proud to be a Sikh” follows the journey of a Gursikh professor in making Sikh youth aware of and proud of their identity and rich legacy, the challenges he faces along the way, and how he triumphs in the end. It is about explaining society’s genuine image of a Sikh, not the one they have constructed in their minds based on misleading media propaganda and other misunderstandings.
Today’s youth is heavily influenced by media, and movies fully cover both the fun and instructional aspects in the Gursikhi environment. The film also has a flavor to instill confidence in Sikh kids who are ashamed of their identity, teaching them how to be known as Proud to be Sikhs.



Proud To Be A SIKH movie review

Proud To Be A SIKH movie review, Adelaide

Proud to be a Sikh full movie

Nagara Film

The core story is a tribute to a family of Martyrs (Bhai Jai Singh, his wife and their children from early 1700s), who stood up against the drug-mafia of that time to become an apostle of anti-drug war. Yet the plot of the film is more diverse and the presentation is designed to make it interesting and relevant for Sikh youth as well as for the kids of tender age.

Film NAGARA flows like a fun ride based on a silly friendship between a father & son, and an ignored mother of our times. The entertaining journey symbolizes Nagara as a bridge between the Sikhs of past and present. Which inspires the mother to encourage the family to win over moldy elements and fun continues, but now in a meaningful way.

Nagara |Offical Trailer|Punjabi dharmic Movie


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